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Offers in Cesenatico at the hotel Gallia

Offers hotels in Cesenatico' is what everyone is trying to arrange a nice vacation in the Romagna at affordable prices.

The Gallia hotel of Cesenatico offers vacation packages and special offers in conjunction with events, bridges, weeks of vacation in the summer and spring. Our packages are designed for families with children, but also for couples and for all those who want an all-inclusive holiday.

Click here to view our special offers and contact us to make sure the package you prefer. If you do not find the one that suits your needs, contact us now and we'll send you our best prefentivo for your needs.

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Family Friendly

"The hotel was very child friendly, the staff keen to help us have a great holiday. The hotel provided many extras other hotels charged for including free use of Bikes with childrens seats, free refreshments in the hotel reception. "


Ho soggiornato in Luglio 2016, viaggiato con la famiglia

quality and low price

"one week in this 3*** hotel bikers friendly where you can find a plentful breakfast as well as lunch buffet till 5 PM. When I came back from my bike trip in the afternoon I've always found warm noodles and all sort of meat, vegetables, fresh fruit and free drink all included. On Friday fried or grilled fish and super pasta! "


Ho soggiornato in Luglio 2016, viaggiato con la famiglia

excellent choix pour être refait

"Mention spéciale au chef qui a été en mesure d'exploiter tous les plats nous ajoutant une touche spéciale qui les rendait unique. N.B. Oubliez le régime alimentaire et profiter de cette cuisine de qualité "


Je suis resté en Juillet 2016, voyage en famille - traduction automatique

nice holiday!

"But the thing that really surprised us was the restaurant on the beach ..... what a FANTASTIC UNIQUE PHENOMENAL eat in costume without returning to the room to change clothes no PRICELESS .... will definitely return "


I stayed in July 2016, traveled with family - automatic translation

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